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AceColor® ECO-friendly Yarns

Type: Dope Dyed Yarn (AceColor®)

Name: Nylon 6 Dope Dyed Yarn

ECO-friendly Yarns

DOPE DYED YARN: before the extrusion process, the solution of polymer is mixed with pigment and extruded yarns are colored and with excellent color fasteness.
Dope dyed yarn is considered as an ECO-friendly yarn. No dyeing process is needed after knitting/weaving process. This helps to save water and energy consumption, avoid from dyeing pollution and reduce CO2 emission.

outdoor wears, sportswears, fitness wears, socks knitting, glove knitting, scarf, sweaters, underwear, lingeries, elastic tapes


Luster Denier / Filament Yarn Shape Characteristic
DTY 70/24/1, DTY 70/24/2, DTY 70/48/1, DTY 70/48/2
DTY 70/72/1, DTY 70/72/2, POY 86/24, POY 86/48
POY 86/72
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