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Functional Yarn

Though the competitions in the synthetic fiber industry are so keen, ACELON has still insisted on our quality policy: Quality Insistence and Excellence Pursuit. We are devoted to develope the healthy, high-tech and functional filament yarn to create most added values for the textile industry.

The following are our functional yarn series

AceIce Cool Yarns

Cool Yarn (AceIce®)

    Cool Yarn is a kind of functional yarn . Wearing clothing which is made by it let you just like stay in the forest. The yarn and clothing itself is quite cool. Because it is added with cooling sub-micron mineral powder. The powder absorbs hot air slowly but dissipates it quickly. Cool Yarn clothing is your best choice being able to get "cool" feeling in the summer.

Wick Yarn - Quick Dry DTY

Wick Yarn - Quick Dry DTY

    (*DTY: draw textured yarn)
    The Wick Yarn - Quick Dry DTY includes nylon DTY and polyester DTY. The Wick Yarn - Quick Dry DTY (AceCool®) is a kind of filament yarn which section is like a "cross" shape. Such "cross" shape creates more spaces and causes capillary effect. It accordingly absorbs the sweat of the skin very quickly and enables the sweat diffuse and evaporate very fast. The purpose is to keep your clothing always dry and make you always feel comfortable.

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